Laura 3Contact: Email laura@lkmco.org or tweet @miss_mcinerney

I taught in East London for six years and am now completing a Fulbright sponsored Phd in Education Policy at the University of Missouri. I write regularly for The Guardian and LKMCo, and occasionally for the Times Education Supplement, the New Statesman, and EdaptUK.

My specialist topic is free schools & academies. Via LKMCo I published a booklet “The Six Predictable Failures of Free Schools…And How To Avoid Them“. My PhD research involves learning from the sometimes successful & sometimes disastrous implementation of ‘Charter’ Schools in various US states. (Charters roughly equate to academies/free schools).

My secondary interest is the influence of politics on education. Throughout Summer 2013 I began reading all available biographies of past UK’s Education Secretaries which I am blogging and tweeting about via www.greatedusecs.com. Pun entirely intended. I didn’t get through the whole thing, so I shall continue the quest in Summer 2014.

If you want to know about my personal background and own schooling, I’ve written about it here: http://lauramcinerney.com/schooling-biography/

My Main Philosophical/Political Position:

While I am accused of being many things, mostly I am a pragmatist.  My favourite questions (and the basis of many of my blogs are) are: What problem are you trying to solve? Is this really the best way to solve it?, and Why aren’t we doing this already?

 Reviews & Recommendations

On this site if I recommend a book or article it will be because I read it and learned from it. It does not mean I agree with it. I do use Amazon affiliate links so if you click through and buy a book then I get a small amount back.  Obviously if you really hate this idea then open up your own amazon page and re-enter the details there.


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  1. Have you looked to see if anyone from SABRES took any trips before the contract was let? If so, who paid for them? #sweden

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