Laura 3Contact: Email lauramcinerney1@gmail.com or tweet @miss_mcinerney

I taught in East London for six years and am now Deputy Editor of new newspaper Academies Week and regular columnist for The Guardian. I have also written for LKMCo, the TES, the New Statesman and Edapt.

My specialist topic is free schools & academies. Via LKMCo I published a booklet “The Six Predictable Failures of Free Schools…And How To Avoid Them“. My PhD research involves learning from the sometimes successful & sometimes disastrous implementation of ‘Charter’ Schools in various US states. (Charters roughly equate to academies/free schools).

My secondary interest is the influence of politics on education. Throughout Summer 2013 I began reading all available biographies of past UK’s Education Secretaries which I blogged at  www.greatedusecs.com. Pun intended.

If you want to know about my personal background and own schooling, I’ve written about it here: http://lauramcinerney.com/schooling-biography/

My Main Philosophical/Political Position:1618630_10100739052554919_1238626450_n

While I am accused of being many things, mostly I am a pragmatist.  My favourite questions (and the basis of many of my blogs are) are: What problem are you trying to solve? Is this really the best way to solve it?, and Why aren’t we doing this already?


 Reviews & Recommendations

On this site if I recommend a book or article it will be because I read it and learned from it. It does not mean I agree with it. I do use Amazon affiliate links so if you click through and buy a book then I get a small amount back.  Obviously if you really hate this idea then open up your own amazon page and re-enter the details there.

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  1. Have you looked to see if anyone from SABRES took any trips before the contract was let? If so, who paid for them? #sweden

  2. Hi. I was trying to DM you on Twitter (I’m @MikeCraven5). Just wanted to ask a question. Am considering applying for the role of team leader in an RSC office. (advertised on TES). Wondered what you knew about how the commissioners are actually going to work day to day or anything like that? Odd query I know.


  3. Hi. The “independence” trend of Charter/Academies/Free Schools hasn’t seemed to make headway in my country yet (Australia). I’ve recently read Andrew Adonis’s book, which was slanted for obvious reasons. Which non-biased books on this sort of education policy in the UK, Europe and the US would you recommend for starters. Thanks.

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