Hi, I’m Laura McInerney, education journalist, public speaker, and co-founder of Teacher Tapp.

I’m a schools expert on the pulse of what teachers think, want and need.

Brave, bold, yet sensible.

As a former teacher and editor of Schools Week, I have spent over 12 years on the frontline of education policy and interviewed over 60 top education names — from Dylan Wiliam to Carol Dweck to Amanda Spielman.

In 2017, I co-founded Teacher Tapp, the daily survey app with over 6,500 users. Each day it reveals new insights into teachers’ lives and their needs, wants and desires.

My experience with schools, politicians, the media, and academic researchers has given me the expertise to deliver keynote speeches, host events, chair panels, and write on topics across the schools sector.

I have keynoted at events such as The Education Festival, the Headteachers Roundtable Summit and the BETT show.

Having become a female founder of a tech company and unexpectedly becoming the editor of a newspaper after just 13 weeks in journalism, I’ve learned how to deal with situations where you are out of your league, which is one of my keynote topics. (Find the others here).

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“Fascinating and perceptive.”
“Moxie, at its purest.”
“An inspiring speaker.”

Laura is an experienced event host, chair, panelist and keynote.

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