The Easter 2013: “Well Worth a Twitter Follow” Education List

Twitter is as alive as ever with the chat of those in education – and it’s great. Once you’re comfortable on Twitter you will soon end up with a crowd suited to your own tastes. For me, it’s almost entirely education – for other people I know they mix in hobbies (football and cats seem particular favourites). Getting involved in conversations can be a bit intimidating, and knowing who to speak with can feel like being the new kid in the school canteen. Hence, below is a list of people who in the past few months have provided me with useful conversations, resources, ideas, said nice things about my writing, pointed out my inevitable types, etc. Hence I thought I would recommend them as all-round good eggs and a good place to start if you’re feeling a bit Twitter-lost. [Even the ones who come across as grumpy have barks worse than their bite!]

Obviously, these are not the only people I follow on Twitter but they do tend to be the most prolific, at least to me (and I checked my archive to see – this wasn’t a haphazard game!). So, if you want a ‘Twitter sure thing’ (err? easy now), then these are the people I wholeheartedly say are “well worth a follow”.

Have a great Easter.

Easter Twitter #FFs

Tweeters who help me know what education news to read:  @schoolduggery @giftedphoenix @miconm @LKMCo @annatreth

Tweeters who shared their classroom and education experiences:  @leedonaghy  @tessalmatthews @realgeoffbarton @johntomsett @bergistra @joe__kirby @learningspy @tombennett71 @hgaldinoshea @teachingofsci @a_weatherall @headguruteacher @soarpoints @teachitso @kalinski1970 @duncanspalding @Yorkshire_steve @SurrealAnarchy @Bio_Joe @ajjolley @HFletcherWood

Those who challenge me to look differently at education problems: @Samfr @informed_edu @drbeckyallen @oldandrewuk @heymisssmith @drleatongray @rosmcmullen @DrJohnLTaylor @mikercameron @bentleykarl @kevbartle @DrFautley @geogphil @Bedtonman @68ron @deevybee

Those who challenge my patience: @toryeducation

The most prolific retweeters, thinkers, encouragers:  @michaelt1979 @Mr_Chas @SurrealAnarchy @tothechalkface @ruthkennedy @foimanuk @little_mavis @drlangtry_girl @mikeyule @Nosheds  @danielhugill @gemmatombs @Chrisg4347 @bramble_head @DrDav @TomForth @StuartLock  @Barsacq  @Ingotian @ajbloor 

The Journos: @xtophercook @mrmichaelshaw @greghursttimes @alicewoolley1  @jonnelledge @alexhern @schooltruth @aljwhite @DotLepkowska @warwickmansell

The Politicians: @kevinbrennanmp @trussliz @lisanandy @matthancockmp

The bigger/wider audience reachers (but still great to engage with): @helenlewis @BorisWatch @guerillapolicy @NatEdTrust  @jonathanhaynes @thomsonpat @edaptuk @labourteachers @ProfCoe

Always makes me smile or interested: @MissJayG

Finally, if you can stand to watch BBC Question Time on a Thursday night then I recommend you do so with Twitter switched on. Shouting at the computer, collectively, with many of the people above, is way more fun than shouting at the tv on your own.

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