1st May – Could the Middle Tier look like THIS?

30th April – Regional School Commissioners vs. Labour School Directors: Who Wins?

7th April – Why Gove Can’t Have It All Ways on Free Schools

27th March – Map! What’s the % of Unpaid School Fines in Your Area?

19th March – The Problem of the Free Schools & Academies Enquiry

5th February – First Education Select Committee on Free Schools & Academies

4th February – Why Gove Was Absolutely Right About State Vs. Private Schools. (And Yet Not Correct).

6th Jan – Today’s Parliamentary Education Questions – LKMCo


18th December – Today’s #AskGove Education Select Committee Round-Up – LKMCo

17th December – Progressivist vs. Traditonalist: The PISA 2009 Data – LKMCo

9th December – Why Are White Working Class Students Falling Behind? – LKMCo

2nd December – The Simplest Way To Solve Several Ofsted Problems – LKMCo

11th November – Today’s Parliamentary Education Questions – LKMCo

23rd October – Education Select Committee – School Places (featuring David Laws) – LKMCo

18th October – Do We really Want More Parent-Led Academies? – LKMCo

2nd October – 7 Great Things We Read About Education (& You Should Too) – LKMCo

23rd September – What A-Level Subjects do the Russell Group prefer? – LKMCo

9th September – Today’s Education Questions Round-Up – LKMCo

8th August – What If Everything You Thought About Education, Was Wrong? – LKMCo

29th July – 7 Fascinating Things To Read About Education in July – LKMCo

3rd july – Second Education Committee – School partnerships & Co-Operation – LKMCo

19th June – Why Gove vs. Twigg Is Not Helping Schools – LKMCo

19th June – First Education Select Committee on School Partnerships & Cooperation – LKMCo

23rd May – Three Easy Things Gove Could Do To Improve Learning – LKMCo

21st April – Questions for the Gove Who Cried Summer Holidays – LKMCo

28th March – Marxists, Feminists & The Blob: Rethinking Gove’s Outburst – LKMCo

1st March – The A-Levels That Make You Successful At Oxford? – LKMCo

14th February – If Ofqual Can Decide Grade Boundaries What Does That Mean For Teachers? – LKMCo

7th Feb – What Happened? Round up of the EBC-Ebacc-Best8 Announcements – LKMCo

21st January – Stop Whining About The 1950s: What Are The Actual Problems of EBC/GCSE Reform? – LKMCo


31st December – The Next Big Thing? What Might Improve Teaching & Learning in 2013 – LKMCo

17th December – Why Education Reformers Can’t Just Ignore Democracy – LKMCo

22nd November – Which Coalition Policies Do People Actually Like? – LKMCo

13th November – A Simple Test For Gove’s “Soft Bigotry” Claim – LKMCo

23rd October – Things You Need To Know About ED Hirsch and the Common Cultural Literacy Idea – LKMCo

2nd October – Of omlette, OFSTED and Getting to Good – LKMCo

18th September – GCSE Reforms: A Tale of Two (confused) Issues – LKMCo

12th September – Highlights from the House of Commons: Gove on Ofqual – LKMCo

11th September – Highlights from the Education Select Committee: Glenys Stacey – LKMCo

11th September – How is it possible that no-one in England knows what a Cgrade looks like? – LKMCo

3rd September – The Ecology of A Classroom: Maslow, Bloom & Solo – LKMCo

20th July – PISA: It’s Like An Olympics of the Brain – LKMCo

18th July – A Simple Solution to the Exams-Are-Getting-Too-Easy-Issue – LKMCo

4th July – The School Information Regulations – LKMCo

22nd June – The Question That Gove Forgot To Ask About GCSEs – LKMCo

19th June – A-Level Reform: The Solution Must Fit the Problem – LKMCo

3rd Apr – Universities Writing The A-Level Exams Won’t Create Superhumans – LKMCo

18th Mar – If you let ‘School Operating Companies’ run schools, is that privatisation? – LKMCo

4th Mar – When Dad Met Ahmed – LKMCo

17th Feb – What the History of Forceps Can Teach Us About Academies – LKMCo

12th Feb – The Disciplined Incoherence of Footnote 57 – LKMCo

15th Jan – Does a longer school day raise achievement? – LKMCo

9th Jan – When Accountability Measures Eat Themselves – LKMCo


21st Dec – National Curriculum Review Summary for LKMCo

20th Dec – The National Curriculum Review & The Importance of Annex3 for LKMCo

4th Dec – Ladders, Stairways & Sieves: The basis of almost all education debate for LKMCo

20th Nov – If You’re Going To Demand Excellence, Do It Properly! for LKMCo

23rd October – Masters of the Teaching Universe for LKMCo

18th September – How will being in a free school change what is in the mind of an 11-year old? for LKMCo

17th May – The Puzzle of the Free School Excellent Teachers for LKMCo

1st May – Gove, Don’t Just Speed Up Capability – Improve it! for LKMCo

14th April – Summary of the James Review for LKMCo

13th March – “The data says 20% of my students are underachieving – what can I do about it?” for LKMCo

18th Feb – Forget The Big Society, Why The Connected Society Will Drive Education Policy for LKMCo

6th Feb – If you liked rail privatisation, you’ll love the Education Bill for LKMCo

23rd Jan – The English Baccalaureate: A Blessing In Disguise? for LKMCo

9th Jan – How can we best help young people learn about sex? for LKMCo

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