Were O-Levels Harder Than GCSEs?

When answering the question: "Which was harder, O-Levels or GCSEs?" there are two different answers depending on what precisely you are asking about. If you are asking: "Was it harder to get an A on O-Levels compared to GCSEs?" the answer … Read More

National Curriculum Review Update

Yesterday at LKMCo I posted an update on the National Curriculum Review at Primary level.  The DfE finally released their response to the Curriculum Experts' Review and have also released draft Programmes of Study for consultation. I am not a big … Read More

GCSE Revision

GCSE Citizenship for Edxcel revision materials here: Paper1 Key Terms - Section 1 - Rights & Responsibilities Key Terms - Section 2 - Politics Key Terms - Section 3 - Global Development Revision Booklet Part 1 Revision Booklet Part 2 Paper 3 - Changing Communities (Immigration) Revision Booklet Read More