Nandos, Paris

Enjoyed Chris Cook's article looking at the remarkable success of Newham schools in this weekend's Financial Times.  Kingsford and Little Ilford are a fair representation of most schools here and, as with my own colleagues, they do a great job … Read More


Too busy to listen?

A student once disclosed her shame of the bullying acts she had taken part in when she was younger.  In our sixth form classroom she was a confident young woman well-known for leading youth groups and being a heady mix … Read More

Resources Repository

Resources (scroll down for Selected Essays) My Education Philosophy: Explained most clearly in a story called "The Watermelon" taken from Nick Owen's "The Magic of Metaphor" Psychology A-Level Teaching: Anomalistic Psychology Revision Guide Anomalistic Psychology Scheme of Work - AQA - A2 Level - Paper 4 Cognitive Psychology Scheme of … Read More

If only someone had warned them…..

The Guardian today reveal issues with the new college-decided 16-19 bursaries for students remaining in further education.  Predictably not all colleges are playing fair in the way they provide the money nor is it necessarily getting to everyone who needs … Read More

The Best Learning of My Life

In the last few weeks I have experienced some of the best learning of my life.  Ryan Baker's presentation on educational data mining organised through the #LAK12 Open Online Course not only blew my mind in terms of content (for example: did you … Read More