Why Teachers Leave

Last month the excellent @edutronic_net #blogsync topic for education bloggers was: “Why do teachers leave?”  As someone who recently ‘left’ teaching (at least temporarily) I wanted to take longer to answer this question than allowed by the group so I didn’t… Read More ›

Nothing More Important

I wrote a piece for the Guardian’s Education supplement this week. It’s about the welfare reforms. While we in education have rightly focused on our own battles – Ofsted, the GCSE Fiasco, curriculum, budgets, free schools, academies – and though there… Read More ›


I wrote an article for LKMCo today about Gove’s Daily Mail outburst and his misunderstandings about education research. At the end I suggested that instead of drawing dividing lines in education we should draw all-encompassing circles that take in all… Read More ›

Getting Zero

I got zero on a maths test this week. Zero. On a maths test. I’m good at maths, and I’ve never got zero on anything in my life. Afterwards I was shell-shocked for about fifteen minutes. The tests are given at… Read More ›