Homework Excuse Notes

With no #blogsync over the summer, I’ve not written anything ‘classroom-y’ for a while. So I thought I’d share this tip while awaiting the September blogync topic. One of the problems of my first year in teaching was getting students… Read More ›

The @redorgreenpen Problem

If you haven’t been reading @redorgreenpen‘s penetrating “7 kids in 7 days” blog, then you’ve missed out. By describing in searching detail the behaviours of seven students, anonymous blogger redorgreenpen gives the most authentic descriptions of challenging students’ lives I have read… Read More ›

This Is Water

I recently wrote a piece called “Why I Learn” to inspire pupils at Greenwich Free School. You can find out what they thought of the piece here. Partly the piece was inspired by a commencement speech given by David Foster… Read More ›