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The @redorgreenpen Problem

If you haven't been reading @redorgreenpen's penetrating "7 kids in 7 days" blog, then you've missed out. By describing in searching detail the behaviours of seven students, anonymous blogger redorgreenpen gives the most authentic descriptions of challenging students' lives I have read … Read More

This Is Water

I recently wrote a piece called "Why I Learn" to inspire pupils at Greenwich Free School. You can find out what they thought of the piece here. Partly the piece was inspired by a commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace. … Read More

Why Learn?

In a recent email chain with the ever-thoughtful Harry Fletcher-Wood he asked me to write something short, building on a comment I'd made on Twitter, about why I believed in education. First I pointed him to David Foster Wallace's speech about education, … Read More

My Mum’s Perspective on Card Sorts

Tonight on Twitter, Tessa Matthews, of the incisive blog Tabula Rasa Education wrote: Now, given that learning styles have been 'debunked' I sympathise with the viewpoint. There's simply no evidence that students only learn while moving, singing, running, jumping, etc. HOWEVER! I, unlike most teachers, was not … Read More

Getting Zero

I got zero on a maths test this week. Zero. On a maths test. I'm good at maths, and I've never got zero on anything in my life. Afterwards I was shell-shocked for about fifteen minutes. The tests are given at the … Read More