Do you want to slay dragons? (Aka be Deputy Editor of Schools Week)

We are hiring over at Schools Week.

We know exactly the skills we need, we just have to find them. Please share liberally. And remember: the better the person we get, the better Schools Week will become. What greater motivation do you need?

 gladiator 1

Deputy Editor

Greenwich, London

(Pay: Depends on experience, but not stingy)

Who are we?

Schools Week is a print and digital newspaper covering the schools sector, with a focus on investigative journalism. Since our launch 18 months ago, our stories regularly make national news, featuring on Radio 4 Today, BBC TV and radio, and across all major national newspapers – including the front pages.

Every senior reporter received at least one award at the 2015 Education Journalism Awards and our readership continues growing at speed.

Our founders, Shane Mann and Nick Linford, cut their teeth on the incredibly successful FE Week and are the only shareholders in the company. So there’s no loans to pay back. No distant investors to keep happy. The editorial team can simply concentrate on writing quality news that keeps the school community knowledgeable.

We are apolitical: giving an equally tough time to all parties and ideas.

We are data savvy: beating out the Financial Times and the Times Higher Education Supplement to win this year’s Outstanding Data Education Journalism Award.

We know our community. The editor, Laura McInerney, spent six years teaching in challenging schools and three battling the department for education in court to get secret documents.

But we still want to improve, and we need an extra team member to do it.


Who do we need?

We already have business savvy, reporting chops, deep community knowledge and graphic designers who could improve the Sistine chapel.

What we need now is a Deputy Editor who loves words. Loves them. And combines that passion with the organisational skills of a military commander and an intense joy of social media.

Words. Organisation. Social media.

Sound like you? Read on.


What will you do?bst job ever

As a weekly print and daily digital product our stories must be led from reporting stage into final format. We need someone to support the editor in this process, and be ready to step into her shoes when she’s away.

Along with the sub-editor you will package stories: creating perfect headlines, re-writing, style-checking. Making a story sing by changing a hyphen to a comma.

You will also be responsible for bringing the pages together, so will need a love of deadlines, following-up and making everything just so. We are looking for a polisher more than a sculptor, although we’ll expect you to jump in with writing when needed – just like we all do.

Finally, we need someone excited about social media. A big part of your role will be working with designers and reporters to push out stories in different ways. We already use Twitter and Facebook but are looking to experiment across more platforms, and do so in a consistent, timely and attractive way. There is lots of scope for doing better here so the more excited you are by this part of the job, the better!


What do you get in return?

  1. The pay will reflect the importance of the role
  2. A committed team, totally serious about what we do
  3. Super smart readers, who really care about the product
  4. Feedback. We are passionate about schools because we are passionate about learning. That goes for staff, too. You will become a better journalist with us, and we want you to take an active lead in helping others become a better journalist too
  5. A spot in a growing, evolving, successful, innovative newsroom.


You want to apply? Excellent. Here’s how…

gladiator 3

We have a no-CV policy. Clearly, we think schools are important. But only because you learn in them. What you know and can do for our company is more important than where you learned it (or when).

So don’t send a CV. Instead write a letter to the editor (, which includes:

  • What you do currently
  • What evidence suggests you’d be good at this job (the more links you can send showing us this, the better)
  • Why you think Schools Week would be a good fit for you
  • 3 people we can call for references

If the letter piques our interest, we’ll follow-up with an initial phone call and go from there.


Want to know more before applying?

Good! We like curiosity.

If you’d like to speak to any of our team you will find us all on twitter.

Editor Laura can be emailed at or you can organise a call with her by visiting

Our website is An example of the printed paper is available here and here.

The closing date is advertised as January 29th however we will review applications once they are received and may appoint before the period closes. So don’t wait too long!