Freedom of Information Request regarding GCSE English Coursework Marks

I recently put in a Freedom of Information Request for the distribution of marks in the 2012 GCSE English Controlled Assessments. I did this because I read the @deevybee blog on the Phonics Test data with some interest and wondered if the GCSE English marks had shown a similar pattern.

Unfortunately Ofqual have turned down the request. Their reason is shown in a letter here (and below)

The main reason seems to be that they have the information as part of the Ofqual investigation into the GCSE English fiasco and therefore cannot currently release the information.  There also appears to be an undercurrent of ‘it wouldn’t be in the public interest’..

I have written back asking them if the information will be disclosable once the investigation is complete.

UPDATE: 16/10/12 Ofqual have said that once the English GCSE Investigation is complete and the report is published then I can discuss with the statisticians the possibility of releasing controlled assessment information.  They also said the Ofqual report is due to be released before the end of October. My bet is on a half-term release date.
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