Gove, the Kama Sutra & School Places

A bit slow posting this one as I’ve been on holiday the past two weeks around the country with some US friends (who knew there were so many Harry Potter things to see in England?!)

However, last Tuesday I had the great pleasure of finally seeing one of my Guardian columns in print the day it came out. Sad for many stomachs I began the piece with reference to Gove’s recent comments about “Indian sex manuals”. Several breakfasts reportedly went unfinished.

My overall point, however, was serious and (for once!) I was trying to be nice to Gove. The Coalition have actually done an okay job on dealing with the looming school places shortage and considerable cash is being spent to ensure all children will have a place. Yet, infuriatingly, the Coalition are keeping very quiet about this success, with an almost wilful preference for panic than communication about their plans.

Why the weird silence? Well for that you will need to read the full piece.