Gove’s Visits to Schools

A recent Freedom of Information request asked for the % visits Gove has done to local authority controlled schools versus academy and free schools. When the department finally answered (a long time after the first request), ,the answer was not clear.

For secondaries they said Gove had visited 22 local authority schools and 24 academies or free schools. But it was not clear if some of the local schools were in the process of converting. The requester therefore wrote back asking for details of any local authority controlled schools that had changed, and for the dates of changes compared to the visits.

The department wrote back with a list of the local authority schools and their current statuses or changes (& dates)  – hurray! Only the file was unreadable. Thankfully! @CraigArgh emailed after I cried for help on Twitter. Using his computer wizadry he managed to get some of the information (apologies for occasional odd characters). And here it is:


Official visits made to maintained secondary schools between 1 May 2010 and 31 October 2012 the Secretary of State for Education.

Lampton School21/05/2010Under Local Authority Control Academy Converter 29/6/10

Colmers School21/05/2010Expected conversion date Р1/9/13sponsored – no application date

Notre Dame High School24/06/2010Academy Converter 24/1/12

Woodside High School29/11/2010Academy Converter 30/3/11

Stanley School of Technology10/12/2010Sponsored Academy sponsored – no application date

Consett Community Sports College 10/12/2010Sponsored Academy sponsored – no application date

The Duchess’s Community High School10/12/2010Expected conversion date – 1/1/14

Twyford Church of England High School20/01/2011Academy Converter 13/6/11

Redcar Community College03/02/2011Academy Converter 12/6/12

Ian Ramsey CoE School03/02/2011No application to convert received

Altrincham Girls Grammar school11/03/2011Academy Converter 7/3/11

Goole High School01/04/2011Academy Converter 5/4/11

Ilkley Grammar School10/06/2011 Academy Converter 11/3/11

Bingley Grammar School10/06/2011No application to convert received

Redruth School17/06/2011No application to convert received

Hayle School17/06/2011No application to convert received

Methwold High School 04/11/2011Sponsored AcademySponsored – No application dat

Chantry High School 05/12/2011Sponsored Academy sponsored – no application date

Kingsford Community School09/12/2011No application to convert received

JCOSS26/01/2012No application to convert received

Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School03/02/2012No application to convert received


Six schools, in bold, appear to already have been academies when Gove visited. The three in italics converted shortly after.  If so, this would mean Gove has visited 30 free schools and academies, 13 local authority schools, and 3 converting schools.
It could be that the code has corrupted the data, so if anyone has information to the contrary I am very happy to hear it. Otherwise I hope this helps the FOI requester (and thanks again to @CraigArgh).
Postscript: The wonderful @FOImonkey worked out that the problem was caused by a docx being misread as a zip file. They sorted out the issue and embedded in Scribd. See below. It’s days like these the internet manages to restore faith in humanity.

Official Visits 1 May 2010 to 31 Oct 2012 Secretary of State for Education Secondary Maintained by foi_monkey

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