I Trolled A Scam Caller So Hard … HE Put The Phone Down On ME

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I received a phone call last week from a scam artist.

It was obvious from pretty early on that he was going to pretend I had a bunch of computer problems and then either sell me a really expensive download to stop the alleged problem, or allow him access to my computer so he could steal personal data.

Scams like this annoy me. My grandparents are both in their 80s but try to use computers as best they can. (They like facebook, and Skype). Calls like these could easily bamboozle them into thinking something was wrong and handing over money for something they really don’t need.

So I figured the best thing I could do was waste some of the callers’ time.

Which is what I did and I recorded it.


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PS – What I tell him near the end, which finally pushes him to hang up, is genuinely true!

4 thoughts on “I Trolled A Scam Caller So Hard … HE Put The Phone Down On ME

  1. Hilarious! The last bit had me in stitches! I did the same once when waiting for the gasman., though mine isn’t as funny as yours. I was bored and had nothing better to do so I played along. When he told me my computer was vulnerable to a cyber attack I pretended to be really shocked and asked him to help me. He then asked me to press various keys which I told him I was doing. I pretended not to understand and then finally told him that my screen had gone black and I couldn’t see anything. He told me to switch off and on which I says I did. He then says he’d get his supervisor. I could hear him speak in Hindi to someone. As I speak Urdu I understood what he was saying. The supervisor came on and we went through the same thing again. Finally, I had had enough so asked him in Urdu why he was try to scam me. He replied that he was doing this to get money off British people because they had colonised India and it was payback time! I told him that was nonsense. He hung up.

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