Is it a sport or not a sport?

For future reference: If you are ever in an argument about whether or not something is a sport, I suggest using the following chart developed over several days of non-stop Olympic-watching this year. Comments of course welcome but getting an amendment will require a truly strong argument..

(For clarity, the equipment is only referring to objects used during an actual match/race).

Is it a Sport

One thought on “Is it a sport or not a sport?

  1. With you all the way on the subjective scoring thingy. Obvious to me that synchronised swimming, diving and gymnastics aren’t sports.

    But ‘equal access to equipment used’ is a bit subjective in itself. That might make cycle racing a competition – a conclusion I wouldn’t like. Professional cyclist can’t all have access to the same kit – same with tennis, golf, archery, skiing and lots of others. Or perhaps this is your intention. Pistols at dawn if true!

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