My 5 Top Blogposts of the year (and the 5 I *wish* had been better read)

A single rule plagues the land of blogging:

White’s Law – The number of people who read your work is usually inverse to either (a) time spent on it, or (b) your level of pride about it.

So every year I write a list of things that other people liked, and a list of things I liked.

Here’s this year’s:

My Top 5 Most Popular Blogs of 2014

1. What do you notice about this free school monitoring visit?

2. Less than one week to my DfE FOI tribunal

3. Women! Share your numbers! (aka ‘The surprising reason why I offer less work to women’)

4. Should we be placing unqualified teachers in inadequate schools?

5. The Jonah Complex: Why we are afraid of being brilliant


My Top 5 Posts I *Wish* Were Most Popular

1. A tale for when you are missing out on an event

2. The Berlin Wall Manifesto: For politicians serious about private schools

3. Kentucky Fried Schools: Are academies a ‘trade secret’?

4. Students should be able to freely access their exam papers – end of argument!

5. What I learned about teaching at the Wellington Education Festival


Finally, here’s my list of favourite things I wrote elsewhere in 2014:

1. Trojan Horse: Why are some extremists more acceptable than others? – The Guardian

2. Tim Brighouse profile interview – Academies Week

3. Are teachers who dislike group work doing it wrong? – Edapt

4. The Godless delusion – TES

5. What should we do about the Berlin Wall? Follow the Indian model – The New Statesman


Here’s to more in 2015. If you have thoughts of things I should be covering, please do drop me a line (

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