My Top Posts of 2013. (And the ones I *wished* were top…)

One of the rules of blog writing is that the posts you most lovingly craft are rarely the ones that get most readers. Alan White first brought this to my attention after he wrote a nuanced book review about Nick Ross’ controversial crime book. While the newspapers were hamming up Ross’ phrase that ‘rape is not rape’, White carefully unpicked the true themes (Ross was not quite as daft as the papers made out). The careful nuance, however, meant hardly anyone read it thus causing me to christen a new law. White’s Law: The number of people who read your work is usually inverse to either (a) time spent on it, or (b) your level of pride about it.

So in this year’s “Top Post” round-up I am writing two lists. First, the five most read posts of the year. Then, the ones I wish had been read more this year. My White’s Law pieces, if you will. Enjoy!

Top 5 Most Popular Posts of the Year

  1. 5 Lessons From Derby: The Significance of Al-Madinah Free School
  2. The Top 5 Myths About TeachFirst
  3. I Won. DfE Must Release Free School Applications.
  4. How I Survived the First Year of Teaching
  5. A Further Word on Educational Inequality

The Posts I *wish* Had Been The Top 5 …

  1. My 3 Best Classroom Explanations
  2. Why learn?
  3. How Speed Dating on the Isle of Sheppey Might Save Education
  4. Why Teachers Leave
  5. My Mum’s Perspective on Card Sorts

6 thoughts on “My Top Posts of 2013. (And the ones I *wished* were top…)

    1. Aww, thank you Harry. One thing I noticed is that the top tend to be about institution – government, TF, etc – whereas the lower ones are more about the classrooms and pupils. Somehow that feels the wrong way round, but people will read what they read….

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