Speaking on stage is what I do best.

As a teacher and journalist, I’ve spent the last 14 years explaining complicated material in simple, interesting and compelling ways — and I would love to do the same for your event.

I’ve appeared on:


I have experience as a:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Panellist
  • Onstage interviewer
  • Event chair/host
  • Awards event host

Watch these videos to see me in action!

I am:

  • Dynamic and inspiring — delivering in a passionate, enthusiastic way, using stories from the classroom and the media frontline.
  • Well-known — Teachers recognise Laura’s sharp commentary (and her yellow jackets!) from her columns in The Guardian, Schools Week, and Teach Secondary. She regularly appears on television and is widely known on social media.
  • Adapts materials to audience — All keynotes are customised to your audience, depending on school types, job roles, or business needs.
  • Simple language, with practical ideas — Once a teacher, always a teacher: I use delivery skills honed in the classroom to ensure sessions are engaging but also memorable.

People say:

‘Steely, fearless, evidence-based and on firm ground even when some else would have delighted in dismissing or denying’
— Maggie Atkinson, former Children’s Commissioner

‘Fascinating and perceptive… a grade 9 for satisfaction’
— Sally Collier, Ofqual

‘Your lecture was completely brilliant’
— Marc Rowland, convener of the Mike Baker Annual Lecture

‘Overwhelmingly positive feedback… come back next year?’
— Educate Norfolk

‘A good mix of human interest, policy and the authority of research, data, and personal experience, without it overwhelming the audience’
— University of the Arts London

The main talks I give:

Education Trends: What to watch on the horizon

Using the latest news stories and data, I explain  future schools policies and their implications for pupils, staff and school leaders.

The Secret Life of Teachers

Daily survey tool Teacher Tapp tracks thousands of teachers every day. Laura reveals the latest findings showing why teachers work so much and what drives them to leave.

Great Education Secretaries: Their best lessons?

Education secretaries take people’s children and taxes. But who succeeds? Who fails? And why? This talk reveals how great leaders secure long-term success.

Your Bespoke Keynote Topic

Laura has delivered customised talks on many topics including: free schools, the role of academies, the history of education policy, and Ofqual’s future (through the medium of postcards).

Past talks:


Woking Schools Heads Conference (keynote)
Roundwood Park School Conference (keynote)
PHAB Conference, Chepstow (keynote)
Herts Secondary Heads Conference (keynote)
Havering Heads Conference (keynote)
Lessons Learned with Michael Barber, for FED (online interview)
#ArkTalks: What Should Be In the WhitePaper? (panelist)
Haberdashers Schools Event (workshop leader)
Ofqual Podcast Series (podcasts)
Education Communication Network (short talk)
Haringey Heads Conference, Cambridge (keynote)
EEF Research Schools Conference (keynote)
The Education Festival, interviewing Tim Brighouse & Mick Waters (interview)
PiXL Leaders’ Annual Conference (keynote)
Enfield Heads’ Association (keynote)
Hillingdon Headteachers’ Conference (keynote)
Bradford School Improvement Partnership Conference (keynote)
Gloucester Heads Conference (online keynote)
Schools North East Conference (keynote)
Monks Walk School INSET (keynote)
Optimus MATs Conference, Stratford Upon Avon, (chairing 2 days)
Brighton Headteachers’ Conference (keynote)
Creative Education Trust Conference (chairing 2 days)
Lewisham Heads Conference (keynote)
Educate Norfolk Conference (keynote)



BETTFest (online 2 day conference host)
Lambeth Schools Partnership (online keynote)
Finnish Embassy Talks (online keynote)
Greenwich Primary Heads Conference (online keynote)
Nesta EdTech 2021 Conference (online keynote)
Wakefield Leaders Conference (online keynote)
Are You Convinced Podcast Series (podcast)
Big Change 15 x 15 (online keynote)
EverFi Sports Legacy Conference (online keynote)
Ark Virtual Conference (online keynote)
Greenwich Governors Conference (online keynote)
West Berkshire Heads Conference (online keynote)
University Chichester Academy Trust (online keynote)
Heads Up, with Sonia Gill (online keynote)
Lampton Teaching School Hub (online keynote)
Redcar & Cleveland Leaders Conference (online keynote)
Esk Valley Teaching Alliance (online keynote)
The Education Festival (online keynote)
Surrey Heads Conference, Wokingham (keynote)
Bradford Primary Improvement Conference, Bradford (keynote)
Teaching Awards Celebrating Evening, London (hosting)
Haringey Primary Heads (keynote)
Barnet Partnership Conference, Bournemouth (keynote)
Norfolk Heads Conference, Norwich (keynote)
Calderdale Schools Conference (online keynote)
Optimus MAT Conference, 2 day event (chairing)
Hillingdon Headteachers Conference (keynote)
Tower Hamlets Heads Conference (keynote)


BETT, London (hosting main arena)
Herts for Learning Secondary Heads Conference (keynote)
Lambeth Heads Conference (keynote)
Wigan Governors Conference (keynote)
Edapt Members Workshop (keynote)
RSA Placing Schools at the Heart of Community (panellist)
Now Teach Online End Of Year Conference (keynote)

Edufuturists (interview)
Lambeth Heads Conference (keynote)
Wigan Governors Conference (keynote)


NCOGS National Conference, Nottingham, (keynote)
Wonk HE Festival, London (live podcast)
IncludEd Conference 2, London, (interviewing on stage)
Durham Governors Conference, Durham (keynote)
Marketing to Schools Summit, London (keynote)
Optimus MAT Summit, Birmingham (2-day hosting)
Luxembourg International School Conference on Tech, Luxembourg (keynote & interviewing)
Norfolk Headteachers’ Conference, Elvedon (keynote)
LKMCo 10th Anniversary, London (panellist)
Hillingdon Primary Heads Conference, Uxbridge (keynote)
Festival of Education, Wellington (on-stage interviewing)
Annual Brighton & Hove Governors Conference, Brighton (keynote)
Headteachers Roundtable, London (on-stage interviewing)
Wakefield Schools Conference, Wakefield (keynote)
Pathfinder TSA Conference, Leeds (keynote)
Lambeth Heads Association, Brighton (keynote)
Herts for Learning Conference, Ware (keynote)
TeachFirst Event, London, (2-hour workshop)
Ambition School Leadership Conference, Birmingham (keynote)
NAHT Leaders Conference, Birmingham (keynote and workshop)
Oxford Women In Business Event, London (panel)
BETT/The Education Show, London (keynotes)
IncludEd Conference, London (chairing)



Regional Middle Leaders Conference, Morpeth (keynote)
TSA St Helens Curriculum Conference, St Helen’s (keynote)
NCOGS National Conference, Nottingham (keynote)
TeachFirst Conference, Birmingham (keynote)
Optimus MAT Summit, Brighton (chairing 2 days)
NFER Teacher Report Event, London (keynote & chair panel)
Leadership Conference, Hampshire (keynote)
Norfolk Headteachers’ Conference, Elvedon (keynote)
Now Teach Graduation, London (keynote & panel)
Haringey Heads Conference, Cambridge (keynote)
Education Policy Institute Annual Event, London (keynote)
Teaching Schools Council NE, Darlington (keynote)
Uxbridge Primary Schools, Uxbridge (keynote)
Festival of Education, Wellington School (hosting and interviews)
Festival of Higher Education, Buckingham (debate)
Royal Opera House Bridge Society, Southend (keynote)
Royal Society of Arts, London (panel)
Global Schools Forum, Zurich (interviewing)
Schools North East Governors Conference, Newcastle (keynote)
SwaleFest, Sittingbourne (panel & keynote)
Construction & Built Environment Board, London (1-hour workshop)
Blackpool ResearchEd 2018, Blackpool (1-hour workshop)
MAT Executive Leaders Programme, Oxford (keynote)
Leeds Headteachers Conference, Leeds (keynote)
Lambeth Headteachers Conference, Brighton (3-hour workshop)
Ofqual Annual Conference, Birmingham (keynote)
The Pool – Event on Parenting, London (panel)
Headteachers Roundtable Conference, London (interviewing & keynote)
Elliott Foundation Annual Leaders Conference, London (3-hour workshop)
Whole Education Conference, London (panel chairing)
University of Arts Awarding Body Conference, London (keynote)
Chartered College of Teaching, Chartered Teachers Launch, London (keynote)
New Schools Network Lunch Talks, London (1-hour workshop)

CIPR Panel Debate, London (panel session)
Church of England Leadership Conference, London (keynote)
Norfolk Headteachers’ Association, Thetford (keynote)
MAT Summit Optimus, Oxford (2-day chairing)
Conservative Party Conference, Manchester (panel events and live interviewing)
Labour Party Conference, Brighton (panel events and live interviewing)
ResearchEd National Conference, London (1-hour workshop)
NGA Awards Ceremony, London (keynote)
TeachFirst Impact Conference, Leeds (3 x 2-hour masterclass)
Festival of Education 2017, Wellington School (panels, keynote and live interviewing)
Sixth Form Colleges Assocation National Conference, Nottingham (keynote)
Education Datalab Birthday Party, London (panellist)
ATL Conference, Liverpool (panellist)
Brunel Education Question Time, London (panellist)
All Souls Group, Oxford (2-hour session)
WomenEd Regional Conference, London (1-hour workshop)
Headteachers Round Table Summit, London (keynote and live interviewing)
ResearchEd Amsterdam, Amsterdam (1-hour workshop)

My fees:

These differ by location, event type and level of customisation required, but typically range from £2,000 to £5,000.

Want Laura to speak at your event?

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