Rationalising The Blogging

“Have nothing in your house that you do not believe to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” 
William Morris

Blogging can be fun but exhausting. With upcoming work schedule changes it’s time for me to rationalise. So the plan is less random blogs on this site and instead I will share….

Things I’ll Write Regularly

Monthly Guardian Education column – Third Tuesday of the month, taking a pragmatic look at education policies

LKMCo Education Committee Round-Ups – On issues related to schools/teaching/learning

LKMCo ThinkPieces – New data, policy recommendations, and analysis of reports

#BlogSync – This monthly blogging collective asks teachers to write on an assigned topic, alternating policy themes with pedagogy. Sharing ideas about the classroom is why I started my first ever public blog and this sort of blog venture is what helps us learn more from each other. No doubt dailyteachingtips.blogspot.com (shame!) would have been a lot better with input from others.

Freedom of Information Stories –   Transparency matters – especially in an increasingly fragmented education system that relies on ‘market forces’. Hence, I will continue blogging about FOI updates as they unfold – whether mine, or by others, on Free Schools, or wider issues.

Things I’ll Write Occasionally

When  burning ideas fit elsewhere, or when people commission writing, then you might see me write for (but not solely): The TES, EdaptLabour Teachers. I’ve also got a few ideas for guest blogging on other sites. Finally, my PhD studies are still ongoing so when something is pertinent to those, I will share on here.

New Thing!

Great Edu Secs is now online in embryonic form. This site will chronicle my aim of reading the autobiographies of every Education Secretaries since the 1940s, with blogs/tweets sharing progress. Why? Because it’s no good teachers complaining that politicians don’t understand our profession if we don’t try to understand theirs. Quid pro quo, and all that jazz.

The books are ordered, a stack already haunts my living room, and work began in full force on 9th July. It will continue until….well….the stack is done.